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  • One switch will not connect to T1s

    I am working in an WAN an environment that has 2 Ts going into a main office with one 60/12 on site and one 60/12 at a remote location that connects back through the WAN. The 60/12 at the remote site does not see the T1 lines. I have verified network connectivity as I can ping the remote location switch from the shoretel server at the main site and can see it through the shoreware director, but I show a not connecded on the switch connectivity screen to both of the Ts. We can also still call the site internally, but they do not have any of the advanced features when an outside call comes in.

    What else should I be looking for?

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    What are the T1's plugged in to at the main site? An SGT1 or SGT1K?