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  • Outlook Calendar integration w/ PCM

    We have a ticket in w/ ShoreTel on this issue, but wanted to solicit feedback from other partners/users.

    We are using Outlook 2003 (SP3) w/ PCM 8.1, and running into inconsistent behavior with the Call Handling (CH) tab appearing in OL calendar entries. Despite what the ShoreTel engineers have told us, we are finding that:
    1. A meeting creator must have PCM OL integration installed in order for a PCM user-invitation recipient to have the CH tab appear.
    2. Most, but not all, calendar entries existing PRIOR to PCM OL integration installation will not have the CH tab available after install.
    3. Only new calendar entries will have CH tab available.

    I am curious if others have found that older calendar entries (prior to install) will get the CH tab available after installation. For those of us who have multiple existing/recuriing meetings, not being able to manage CH on those entries, this is a bit of a pain.

    Any feedback or experiences would be appreciated.


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    Did you find a fix for this issue?