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  • Cannot connect to ShoreWare services on server...

    I have this issue on a few of my clients.

    Reinstalling the PCM client will make the issue go away for a few days, but it will then reappear.

    Any ideas? Shoretel's only response is that it is Antivirus software related, even though I set up a test of 2 machines, one with an AV client, one without. Both exhibit the same behavior.
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    Can not connect

    what is your servers name, exactly as you are entering it into the PCM?

    For testing, put the IP address of the server into the pcm and not the server name, see if the problem goes away.


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      Based on your screenshot, it appears that your clients have lost what the DNS name is to the server. Are you typing in a fully qualified DNS name, or a Netbios name during the install? Did you try the option of the actual IP address as suggested by the previous poster?


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        Thanks for the suggestions...

        Clicking either yes or no yields the same results... nothing.

        Attempting to change the server registry value to either the FDQN or the IP address yielded no results.

        I have completely removed the PCM client, cleared the registry of all things shoreline/shoreware/shoretel, and reinstalled the client using the IP address during initial installation configuration for one of the users on one of the machines in question. We'll see how it fairs, and I'll report back.

        Thanks again.


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          After a couple weeks of testing, using the DNS name, the FQDN, or the IP Address all end up in the same spot eventually. It may work correctly for a day, it may work correctly for a week. These clients all end up back at the same point, with the error shown above in the thread.

          Looking through the registry on the effected clients, the keys seem to be correct. The Server key is correct, the username key is correct, etc. Where else would the PCM be looking for connection information to get connected to the server?

          Also, in the picture earlier in the thread, the error shows a connection problem to the server \"\", sometimes the error will show just a simple double quote as the server. (Cannot connect to Shoreware services on server "".)

          It is becoming maddening, and turning the PCM into a useless piece of software for 'some' clients.
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            This might seem like a stretch....

            It seems like we've had weird results with PCM and/or the Conference Bridge software that ended up being IE issues.

            The first time, the IE Proxy setting we not set to ignore requests to the ShoreTel HQ box. The second time, it seems our anti-virus software installed a little ActiveX module that stopped the PCM from running.

            Weird stuff that you would not think would impact these two apps but they certainly did.

            So, my only suggestion is to look at Internet Exploder.



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              Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have a look.

              For grins, what AV are you running that was causing issue?

              Also, it looks as though the CSISMGR.exe process is actually the one 'creating' the error dialog. I'm not super schooled on how this whole system works from the application level, so I'm not sure what this means. Just an observation that may allow someone who is more knowledgeable to have an ah-ha moment.


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                I just had an experience where a PCM was not connecting up, and it ended up being an IE Proxy setting issue (stupid IE and it's auto-proxy junk.) If you get a chance, check the proxy setting on the PC's in question, and if it is set to auto or it is turned on, turn it off entirely and then re-launch the PCM.


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                  Anguish, what version/build you running?


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                    Originally posted by Rob Bush View Post
                    I just had an experience where a PCM was not connecting up, and it ended up being an IE Proxy setting issue (stupid IE and it's auto-proxy junk.) If you get a chance, check the proxy setting on the PC's in question, and if it is set to auto or it is turned on, turn it off entirely and then re-launch the PCM.
                    There is no autoproxy stuff on in IE.

                    Last week, I had set the machines that aren't working to not start PCM on startup, just to take the annoyance away as I try and work through this, and then exited the PCM. Went back to one of the machines reporting the error last week, and it simply worked. Connected to the server and showed history,etc without error. Even though I have very little faith it will continue to work...

                    Anguish, what version/build you running?
                    We are running 13.24.5909.0


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                      The problem?

                      Hi there...just joined up since I've started to admin our shoretel boxes.

                      I have the same exact problem on one client right now. Our 3rd party support has blamed it on AV, and then a registry corruption, and finally it 'may be hardware related and we'll get back to you'.

                      None of those sound promising therefore I find myself here. I've done similiar steps as you have (Anguish) but no luck yet. It's been more than a week for you - is the problem still going on?


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                        It has become hit and miss. One minute, it's an issue. I then kill the 2 offending processes on the box (PCM.exe and CSISCMGR.exe) getting rid of the errors. Restart PCM and sometimes the errors will return, sometimes it will work for 2 hours without re-erroring, sometimes it will work for a week without re-erroring.

                        It's maddening to my users that no one can come up with any sort of explanation as to why they end up with this error box that won't go away without some ridiculous intervention from me, that I can't explain either.

                        I would throw Wireshark on the line and do a trace, but I have no idea what I would be looking for.?.?