Lo guys,

I'm currently having problems with an installation in Luxemburg, we've upgraded to 8.1 and the customer is connected with a partial E1 to the PT Lux telephony provider.

There is a trunk group with 6 trunks, we had 1 user on external assignment and when someone else using the same trunk group called to the internal number, it was redirected to the mobile phone.
Every other call, internal users on different trunk groups or external calls, got dropped probably from the Telco side.

I've called TAC this morning and we've done some tests but we couldn't solve the issue, they've asked me to try some changes with a custom dial plan but since I can't find a complete "guide" on what or how to change things I'm looking for help around here.

I have PRI traces if someones is intrested, the redirect that went trough sent the local CID without extension, all other attempts sent nothing or the calling party CID.

All help will be appreciated

Thanks in advance,