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  • 8.1 - Softphone getting 1-way audio

    The caller, using ShoreTel softphone, can not hear the the called party.

    The called party can hear the softphone caller.

    Has anyone ran in to this with their system? Ideas?

    Already tried:
    Reinstalling PCM
    Changing out USB headset/mic
    Trying a second (and 3rd) notebook PC

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    Have you disabled all firewalls? In addition to turning it off, have you gone into Windows Firewall and on the last tab unchecked the firewall from applying to the LAN connection?


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      In addition to the windows firewall, which you can turn off via GPO, if you are running AV software, some of them have firewalls as well. We are using Kaspersky AV and it has a built in firewall that we "disable" when on the LAN, but turn on when OFF LAN, but we had to create some exceptions for the softphone in order to make it work when users VPN in.



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        This sounds like a Port 5004 error. Maybe turn off the "Always use port 5004" option in call control?