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This site was created as a place to share stories, tips, and troubleshooting help with ShoreTel/Mitel systems. ShoreTel/Mitel is obviously the MOST exciting VoiP platform on the market right now, and we realized there was no centralized place to discuss this platform, but now there is. Please feel free to join and share your experiences.

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  • Reporting...

    Is there any reporting tool that comes with ShoreTel that could be used for cost analysis?
    For example, I'd like to be able to set up our price per minute for calls (if I can set up based on "local prefixes" that would be even better as we pay different rates if it is local/regional/ld). I would then like to have a report that shows each user and the total time/cost spent.

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    There are some built-in reports that can be run from the server, but nothing like your looking for (at least not with the base package), and nothing customizable. Your only hope is to go with Crystal Reports standalone, or something like a Cognos 8 web reporting tool.

    I just created a report similar to what you describe to show cost savings between Shoretel sites by dollars saved (vs. just minutes used.) Comes out pretty nice and the leadership of the company is able to see, on one report, how much we have saved in long distance fees "in theory."


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      I am decent with SQL - however I have always worked with SQL Server. Is there any official documentation (and if not, something that has been put together by someone on the forum) that walks through how to connect to the MySQL database, and perhaps a description of fields?


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        See Appendix C of the Administration Guide.


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          We can also try to help you find the right table and columns you need to pull from when you get to that point. When the time is right, just post (generally) the data you want to work with. I'm sure I and many others already have a report that does something similar so we can just look at our reports to see what table we're going against.


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            Reports library

            Does ShoreTel have any user contributions area where things like existing scripts/reports can be contributed? It would save everyone from having to completely reinvent the wheel every time something like this comes up?


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              Originally posted by simmond View Post
              Does ShoreTel have any user contributions area where things like existing scripts/reports can be contributed? It would save everyone from having to completely reinvent the wheel every time something like this comes up?
              I'm all for something like that since I have to customize some stuff myself.


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                My company is developing a Call Accounting system. I need some beta testers right now.

                PM me to get on the beta test wagon!


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                  I would love to find a cache of reports, Im pulling my hair out trying to use the canned ones, especially when the totals do no match up. Im trying to do a report on my customer service agents tracking number of calls based on time of day and call duration. When i run the canned reports it is duplicating calls throwing my totals. How am I supposed to decide if we need to hire more CSRs if I cant get accurate call info? Arg.....


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                    We have reproduced many of ShoreTel's reports using simpler queries. We can also work with you to help you resolve issues with your own reports or to write custom reports for you. If you're interested, please give Tim a call at 330-335-7271.


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                      Hum adding time fields

                      Im working with SQL within crystal to get a report on calls/time on phone by users. Im hitting the wall adding up the call.duration as it is a time field and not a numeric. Here is my code so far.

                      select c.starttime, c.endtime, c.extension, c.duration, c.calltype as calltypeid, a.agentfirstname, a.agentlastname, as calltype, ct.description as calltypedes, as connectreasonnm, cr.description crdescription, as dreason, dr.description as disreasondes

                      from c

                      left outer join (select distinct AgentDN, AgentFirstName, AgentLastName FROM agentactivity) a on (c.extension=a.AgentDN)

                      left outer join calltype ct on (c.calltype=ct.calltype)

                      left outer join connect con on (

                      left outer join connectreason cr on (con.connectreason=cr.connectreason)

                      left outer join disconnectreason dr on (con.disconnectreason=dr.disconnectreason)

                      where c.starttime between {?begindate} and {?Enddate} and c.extension in ({?Extensionlst})

                      order by a.agentlastname, c.starttime

                      If you can help figure out the way to add up the duration I would be happy!! lol


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                        Please see TIME_TO_SEC. Sum the result of that function.