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  • Checking Workgroup VM's

    Hey guys. My first post is to ask what the best way for an administrator to check the workgroup VM's. I have Sales, Support and Service workgroups with their own VM boxes and would like to check them myself periodically. what's the best way?

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    Assuming you have the available licenses and you aren't in other workgroups that require you to log in and handle calls, you can add yourself as a workgroup agent to these groups and the voicemail indicator will pop up on your Call manager whenever there is a voicemail.


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      A second alternative is just call into the VM system and press #. Enter the extension of the mailbox.

      A third alternative is an application we have written. This gives you a list of all voice mails for all mailboxes and tools to forward and play them. You will need to have Call Manager open and connected when you use it. Here is a trial version: