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  • Protect Boss' Extension from Direct Inward Calls

    There are a few users in the office that we want to protect from incoming calls. We want prevent calls from extensions 200 and up from being able to dial extensions 100-199. For example, if I am extension 230 and I try to dial extension 101 (the President), the call should be routed to his secretary at extension 100. The only calls that the president should receive should be from his secretary or other 100-series extensions. Is this possible? I don't know what this feature or call-handling would be called, so a forum search didn't turn up much. Thanks!

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    I don't know of any good way to handle this. There might be ways to block anyone from being able to dial 1xx extensions, but I see no way to block most but allow a few.

    1. ShoreTel 9 has caller-ID based blocking. Maybe this works for internal calls too, but I don't know. I don't think it is likely that it does.

    2. If you don't mind the president's phone ringing once, an application for any version of ShoreTel that just drops the call as soon as it starts ringing would work.

    3. We could do a fairly simple trick with phone keypresses to enforce this, but it would not be perfect. Also, it would catch keypresses at unwanted times, such as when changing something under Options on the phone or spelling a name in Directory.

    4. We could do a very complex trick involving inserting ourselves as a proxy between the phones and the switch. This is extremely difficult and makes the server our application runs on another point of failure for the phone system.

    If you wish to discuss further, please call me (Daniel Cheramie) or Bryon Palitto at 330-335-7271.


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      Directly from the Shoretel KB...

      This is what happens when the CEO of Shoretel feels that as a leader, anyone (including customers) should be able to contact him. If he didn't have this view, this feature would have been added by now (grin.)

      ShoreTel | Support - Is it possible to restrict some phones from calling extensions but allow local outside calling only? (KB10811)

      "Is it possible to restrict some phones from calling extensions but allow local outside calling only?

      Is it possible to restrict certain phones from the ability to call other extension on the system but allow local outside calling only?

      At this time there is not a way to restrict extension to extension calls. You can make an extension private, which will prevent it from being in the directory, but anyone can still call it if they know the extension number."


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        Every effective CEO should be accessible.


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          hmm...wonder if 9.2 personalized call handling rules do some of this?


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            Miersk, yes they can.