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  • trunk 3-digit PBXtra to 5-digit ShoreTel

    We have a ShoreTel 8 system at our HQ. We're acquiring a small company with a PBXtra box and I'd like to trunk the two together. I've successfully created a SIP trunk between the ShoreTel and a Trixbox so it should be ok.

    Except - we use 5-digit dialing and they use 3, so when I try to create the off system extensions in the trunk group it tells me they must be 5 digits, as ours our.
    Their 3-digit range does not conflict with ours so I would think this could work.

    My options so far are:
    1) change PBXtra from 3 digit to 5 digit. Problem is these people all have long-standing extensions on their business cards etc.
    2) create route points in ShoreTel and use PSTN to 5-digit dial the PBXtra DIDS. Problem is most users do not have DIDs

    Anyone know how to create a dialing rule to use the SIP trunk?


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    Make them 5-digit off-system extensions, then set up a digit translation table on the trunk group.


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      Thanks! This appears to be working
      I did 107xx -> 7xx
      However, I'd like for everyone to use the 7xx extensions globally, so can I create another translation table for ShoreTel users? So we'd have
      7xx (ShoreTel) -> 107xx (SIP Trunk) -> 7xx (PBXtra)


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        I'm not sure how you would do this. A custom dial plan may help, but I wouldn't know how to write it. The dial plan would translate 7xx to 107xx. Here's a hint: