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  • PCM Outlook integration issue

    I have a user that just upgraded to outlook 2007. This has been done on several systems without issues. But on this user the voice mail integration does not work. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall PCM. Still have the same issue. I then removed the app again and cleaned the registry and install folder. Same issue, when you try to install the integration I get the following error. The Outlook voice mail integration did not install properly. Please contact your administrator. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Install the PCM and then run a repair of MS office.


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      I know this posting is quite old, but I have encountered the same thing on a windows 2008r2 box (using remote desktop services) running outlook 2007sp2. This Shoretel version is 10.2 and pcm version is 15.41.9303.0.

      I get the exact same message when attempting to install the outlook integration (The Outlook voice mail integration did not install properly. Please contact your administrator). Now, I have about 6-7 users running the outlook integration just fine on this system, but now any new user I attempt to establish meets with the above error. I have another 2008r2 box running RDS (exact same specs and apps installed) and it is having no problems at all, so I'm not sure what has changed on the problem system in the past 45 days (last time I setup a new user).

      One message I saw in a log file when first encountering the error is MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED (80040111). Sadly though, I cannot seem to recreate this. It was late when I first observed this and thought I just needed to delete the windows profile and recreate it. However, that did not work and I no longer have a copy of the log file that contained the mapi message.

      I have performed a repair on office 2007 to no avail. Not sure what I might be looking for as a culprit here.

      Thanks for any possible insights.


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        The build notes and Installation Guide explicitely state that Outlook integration is not supported in a Terminal Services environment.
        However, it is supported from Version 12.3 by configuring Outlook integration once with a user who is also a Local Administrator on the Terminal server.


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          Wanted to follow up and convey what was causing the issue. About a month ago I was doing some testing with the agent.exe and csiscmgr.exe, setting both executables to a windows 2003 compatibility mode. Once I removed the compatibility mode setting, the outlook integration installed without issue.