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  • Disabling the the Lan Port on Shortel 560

    Hello all!

    I have a site that has recently been denied access to Internet.
    I can't disable Internet but the employees have found out that if they connect a patch cable from there shortel 560 to there computer they will have Internet. Is there a way to disable the Lan port on the shortel to
    Illiminate Internet Usage.

    Thanks In Advance

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    Go to your VM server's FTP Root (usually C:\InetPub\FTPROOT\) and open up the S6custom.txt file and add the following line in uncommented:

    Ethernet2 0

    Reboot all your 560's and that should shut off the 2nd ethernet port on that particular model.
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      Excellent Idea


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        Only a matter of time before they figure out that they can just unplug the phone and use that cable. A better way to do this is with VLANs.

        So what did these people do to be forced into a nightmare of work without the internet?


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          Good point.

          We have people that are stupid enough to plug in non company equipment and try to get a network connection. I have caught many a machine on our network that does not belong.

          We were considering deploying NAP, using DHCP with reservations only, or other means to protect against this.

          Normally one would say that senior management could just issue an email telling everyone that this is not allowed. Unfortuantely, management probably just finished installing their new "picture frame" onto the network so they can send pictures of thier kids to it......


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            This is why its good to have IT policies that are written and enforced by those who understand the risks of allowing recreational activities and benefits of a strong policy


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              My advice would be to lock down your firewall. Unless you have SIP trunks, your switch should not require internet access either, so just add some access lists that grant access to your entire network but not to anything on the Internet. Make sure you include the ranges of all your sites or you might have issues with calling other sites. You could do this by a blanket allow, granting access to all the Private Address Space (RFC 1918)