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  • Personal Call Manager Cache

    Hi Everyone
    we have a problem with our Personal Call manager- it was originally set up to pull contacts from a couple of our public folders and the user's local contact folder. Now people are realizing that their contacts are not good, or that they have wrong numbers, etc.. the problem is that we are not sure where the contacts are coming from. We have disabled all of the public folder and local folder "pulls" in the PCM, but the wrong contacts are still showing up.
    Does anyone know if PCM has a cache that it stores everything to that we can delete and re-populate?

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    Silly question, but have you checked the ShoreTel system directory to see if there is any incorrect information?



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      Did you ever find a solution for this? The issue we see is that even with everything unchecked (like public folders etc), only leaving the outlook address book, it still seems to import all kinds of contacts.
      Is there a cache you can manually delete and recreate it by checking the correct address books to sync?



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        Finding the source of directory entries 8.0 and above

        In Call Manager 8 and above you can determine the source of a Directory entry as follows:
        Open the directory tab and scrolling all the way to the right.
        There is a column there called "Data Source"
        If the column is not showing right click on one of the column headings and select "Choose Columns"
        Drag the required column onto the top of the list in the location you would like to see it.


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          Has anyone ever had a problem removing orphaned contacts from PCM..? Customer on 11.1 (16.22.9109.0) has deleted the Outlook Contact that a Contacts Tab contact reffered to (was drag-dropped from Directory to Contacts) and this made the contact become 'Orphaned'. Upon then deleting the entry in the Contacts tab, and restarting call manager - the contact returns.

          Tried 'Cleaning up Orphaned Contacts' from the tabs right click menu (but I think this just does a delete) and after restart the contact still returns!

          Tried recreating the Outlook contact in an attempt to unorphen the contact - but long story short they now have two orphaned contacts of the same name that just keep coming back!


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            Bump ;o)


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              I also have a customer having the same issue as expunger. Interested to see if there is a solution for this.