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  • outbound calls to an off system extension failover if PRI down

    Greeting, new member here (long time listener, first time to speak)
    first of all I've received a handful of really good tips in here and thanks to everyone!
    My question:
    T1 switch attached to a dictation system via PRI on other side of city; T1 setup with trunk group called "dictation" Dictation setup with 1 off system extension, x4444. (only time this PRI is used is if x4444 is dialed outbound, no inbound is used) If the PRI goes down, is there anyway a user can dial x4444 and the call will go out another trunk group(our main PRI from our telecom provider) to a (xxx) xxx-xxxx number? Ideally able to do it without end user knowing? (i do realize calls on the PRI will drop if PRI goes down) Thanks again!

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    Please see

    Another simpler option: Make a route point with extension 4444 and configure it to always forward to that number.


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      i guess i should add to my original question that i want it to be without administrator intervention at the time of PRI failure. a route point would work but as i understand it I would have to enable the route point when the PRI was down. Is there anyway it will seamlessly failover without having to change anything when PRI goes down? Thanks again!


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        yes, if you know how to weight things properly, and you know your way around a custom dial plan, it is doable.