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  • Issues with Analog Lines

    I'm having some issues that I cannot duplicate on an analog line.
    1. Some calls over the line (may be multiple, but most go out one) don't seem to connect and just have dead air. On at least one of these occasions the other end of the call did receive the call but also heard dead air and released the call. Try again and it will usually go through.

    2. Some calls are being disconnected in the middle of the call. The TrunkTest tool does not seem to show anything abnormal.

    3. There is at least one example of a call that I know lasted 35 minutes. About half way through the call something weird happened that caused ShoreTel to start the counter over. It also gave weird logs in the TrunkTool. (Logs below). The entire call actually lasted from 11:01 - 11:34, yet part way through it shows as going idle, being put back in service, and then weird "Unknown" results at the end.

    11:01:40.484: Call State Idle --> Offering
    11:01:40.484: Inside-ID Unknown --> 4143 (Nikola Feliz)
    11:01:40.484: Outside-ID Unknown --> 9+17124323900
    11:01:41.796: Dial "###########"
    11:01:41.843: Port Seizing --> Dialing
    11:01:44.031: Port Dialing --> Established
    11:01:44.031: Call State Offering --> Connected
    11:01:52.140: Digit *
    11:01:53.578: Digit *
    11:01:54.750: Digit *
    11:01:55.078: Digit *
    11:01:55.375: Digit *
    11:01:55.640: Digit *
    11:01:55.968: Digit *
    11:01:56.312: Digit #
    11:17:14.765: Admin In-Service -->
    11:17:14.796: Call State Connected --> Idle
    11:17:54.453: Admin --> In-Service
    11:17:54.468: Call State Idle --> Unknown
    11:17:54.468: Inside-ID Unknown --> 4143 (Nikola Feliz)
    11:17:54.468: Outside-ID Unknown --> 94143
    11:34:35.906: Call State Unknown --> Idle

    On a related note: Why is it that the trunk test tool shows question marks and/or unknowns for so many things? I can verify in other ways the number, yet it will show very strange in the tool.

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    What version build you on? Is this a new install? How long have you had these analog trunks? These are loop start trunks?
    Need more info, it could be a # of things.


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      ShoreTel 8.1
      Build 13.24.5910.0

      We updated a few days after GA came available - was on the RC version for about 6 weeks prior to that.

      The analog lines are new - I flew out to our NJ and MA sites to install a new system for them and unfortunatly was only given 1 day at each so I wasn't able to catch the small "issues" like this while out there.

      Yes, they are loop start trunks.

      Note at the beginning of the outgoing call how it dials a 347 area code number? What is that?! When I make test calls out of the other 2 outgoing trunks I don't see that extra dial string, but it occurs on every outgoing call on that one analog line...

      *Number removed - determined it was a home number for an employee. Still no idea how it is in the system for every outgoing call on the one trunk...*
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        It sounds like the carrier is sensing a disconnect and are sending disconnect supervision. I would call the carrier and setup some test calls. They can tell you if and when they send disconnect.

        On the 347 # I would check you local prefix list, you have an area code/prefix that should or should be in there.