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  • Exporting Reports

    Trying to export a report to an XLS file.
    Receive this message:
    The Selected export format may be disabled on the server.

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    Old thread!
    But great question.
    How DOES one export from v7.5? None of the file types seem to work.


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      Strange to reply to myself, but this IS a searchable forum & somebody else will probably have this problem.

      I found a solution. Most of the time, I don't need to export - just print reports.

      Also, 99% of the time I use remote desktop (rdp) to get to our shoreware server.

      You can't use export when using rdp.

      Turns out, you must be on the console of the server to use the export feature.
      Once logged on, it was simple and intuitive to get my data.

      Just for fun, I might try VNC to see if I can get the export by remote - but that's another post.