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  • Cell Phone Directly to Shortel VM

    I have a user that currently has his cell phone forwarded, after 3 rings, to his DID number on our ShoreTel system. However, he has a monitored extension. Therefore, his assistant now answers his cell phone calls. If his assistant is out of the office, his cell phone will ring 3-4 times and then his ShoreTel extension rings 4 times for a total of 8 rings before going to the ShoreTel voicemail. Is it possible to direct his cell phone directly to his ShoreTel voicemail without ringing his DID? I would like to remove his assistant (and the additional rings) and have cell phone callers reach his ShoreTel voicemail after 3-4 cell phone rings.

    I would like regular incoming external and internal calls to his DID to continue to be monitored by his assistant and ring at his desk prior to going to voicemail. The only item I'd like to point to his ShoreTel voicemail directly is his cell phone.

    All help and input is appreciated.


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    Make an additional DID and point it to an autoattendant. This AA has a timeout action of Take a message for his extension. Point the cell phone at this DID instead.


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      Ditto on Palitto Consulting's answer - that is exactly how I have it set up for one of our users.


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        Thank you Palitto Consulting. As an admin that's new to ShoreTel, I appreciate your advice and help.

        One last question on this issue, though. If it can be resolved, great and if not, I can live with it. When the number forwards to the user's voicemail, I first hear the ShoreTel system say "Thank you for calling. If you know the extension of the person you're calling, you may dial it now" before I hear the user's outgoing message. I don't see an option to disable it. Is there a way to disable this message? If not, I'll live with it. Thanks again for your great advice.


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          If you set the timeout to 0 it should go straight to voicemail

          Timeout (0 - 30000 milliseconds):


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            The timeout is currently set to 0 with the same result.


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              What I did was create a recording and make it as close to zero seconds as possible.
              The recording you are hearing is from the AA - I go in to it, hit record, it dials my phone and I immediatly hit # so that it is about a .5 second recording.
              Wasn't perfect, but it worked for me.


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                This thread has caused me to think a bit.
                The way that we've solved situations that boil down to this same scenario has been to create a route point with a mailbox and then forward the VM to the mailbox we wanted it to be in and delete the original.

                Any pro's or con's come to anyone's mind about this approach vs. the auto-attendant?



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                  Does giving a RP a mailbox use a license?
                  If so, I'd say that was a con.


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                    No it does not. Personally, I don't want an extra mailbox hanging around, though. It clutters the mailbox listing screen.


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                      Thank you to all the above. As someone who is new to ShoreTel, it's really great to receive the response I that I did. With everyone's input I was able to reach the exact solution I was looking for. Thanks again for your great and timely advice. I appreciate it.