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  • Fax Machines - quit working

    Shoretel Verson 8.0 build 13.9.9403.0
    1 PRI, 2 Shoretel SG90

    Friday at 5pm, something "happened", users reported phones not working. Switch 1 was not in service, power cycled and left for the day, Monday voice up and working fine. Discovered mid-day Monday, fax machines not working, after researching, machines on switch 2 work fine, machines on switch 1 can dial to OUTSIDE fax machines, but do not transmit (they receive dial tone). However, I can fax from fax to fax by internal extension. The machine dials, you can hear the other machine pickup - but the transmit fails and you receive a failure report "Other Error" is the code?? Not a lot of help.

    I have rebooted ALL equipment, even replaced one of the fax machines and moved the switch ports around so the machines we knew were working on on switch 1, same issue. Equipment is even not the same branch, one minolta fax machine (copier/scanner), the other is ricoh.

    Internal dialing appears to rule out issue with cabling, fax machines, amphenol. I'm at a loss of where to continue to troubleshoot.

    Any ideas - please??

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    Do you have any more information you can share? There is not a lot there to go on.

    Is there anything in the event logs of the shoretel server around the time of the failure and since that would be relavent?

    Are you using analog phone lines that are pumped straight into the sg90's, or a pri?

    what kind of network switches do you use?

    as a first step to prevent future issues, I would upgrade off of the beta code to the general release code......


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      I can provide some additional information, it is a PRI, we use Cisco 3650 network switches. We have two SG-90 voice switches. Two of our fax machines are on switch 1 and 2 are on switch 2. The machines on switch 2 (which did not lose communication for an unexplained reason) continue to work. Additionally if we swap the lines the other fax machines work so the problem is somewhere in the phone system. We can call the fax numbers and the fax machines pick up and start chirping but they can never send or receive anything other than extension dialing in our office. There are no errors in the Shoreware Director log around the time of the crash of the switch.


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        I would upgrade the code to the general release and then troubleshoot from there.

        I agree that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense though.


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          I would tell anyone on 8.0 to get off it as soon as possible, but I would do to try and fix this issue is change the IP address on the switch in question. I would even go as far as deleting the switch in the director and renaming it and apply a new IP. I've had silly issues kind of like this (8.1) and sometimes changing the IP address works and sometimes changing the name and IP works.


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            ShoreTel did an RMA on the switch. We did a burnflash and reset everything but still the same issues. It appears something in the hardware must have failed.