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  • Call handling mode changes break sporadically


    We're experiencing some odd behavior that we can't seem to isolate. Hoping someone out there might have seen this and could advise on possible root cause/solution...

    Sporadically (like once a week or every other week and most often on a Monday AM), we find our Shortel system unable to execute users' attempt to switch their Call Handling Mode - either through the handset or the PCM interface.

    There is nothing in the Shoreware Remote Director's event logs to indicate that there is a problem or suggest a root cause and the only apparent way to resolve the issue is to restart the Remote Director. As soon as the server comes back up after restart, the problem goes away until the next (apparently random) time that it stops working.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


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    What version/build you running. I'm assuming the remote director is a DVS?


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      ShoreTel 8.1
      Build 13.23.6910.0

      As for DVS, if you're asking if remote director is a voicemail server, the answer is yes.