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  • Line noise over paging port

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    Last edited by laustimus; 07-07-2020, 11:07 AM.

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    Sounds like an impedenve mismatch between ShoreTel and your paging gear. You may need to install a paging interface between the ShoreTel seitch and your paging equipment. This one should do the trick: Viking Electronics Telecom & Security Products


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      That should have read "impedence mismatch"


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        Originally posted by OldPhoneGuy View Post
        That should have read "impedence mismatch"
        600 ohm, the Viking needs to be set at 600 ohm

        Make sure as well your jack into the SG port is properly soldered and wires are set correctly tot he proper leads


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          TX-AT1 Audio Isolation Transformer - 600 Ω 1:1

          I was also plagued by that annonying hum at several of our sites.

          Then I found this TX-AT1 Audio Isolation Transformer - 600 Ω 1:1
          TX-AT1 Audio Isolation Transformer - 600 Ω 1:1

          Found at for around $75

          I was also going to try the Viking PI-1 but didn't have anyone at the remote site that could wire it up. I sent this pre wired with a male 3.5 on one end and a f/m 3.5 on the other (simple plug in) and it doesn't require any external power.


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            This transformer sits inline between the shoretel switch and your 600 ohm amp input.

            If you already have your shoretel and amp hooked up just cut the wire and splice in the transformer.