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This site was created as a place to share stories, tips, and troubleshooting help with ShoreTel/Mitel systems. ShoreTel/Mitel is obviously the MOST exciting VoiP platform on the market right now, and we realized there was no centralized place to discuss this platform, but now there is. Please feel free to join and share your experiences.

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  • Understanding TMSNcc

    Does anyone have any in depth information on understanding the TMSNcc log. I'm able to follow a call with the GUID and track where it goes as well as find jitter, overrun, etc but i can't find any information on much of the other information. As an example, if Button: 16 is pressed i happen to know that it's for Transfer on a 212k. What about Button: 23? Are the button references the same for all phones or are they model dependant? Also what does the other information on the line entry reference?

    The TMSNcc log is such a great asset to the system and with so much information available it would be great to understand.


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    I too have reached a similar level of understanding, I would like to lay my hands on some further documentation on the tmsncc log.
    Shall we start our own documentation with what we already know?
    Maybe other folks would like to contribute?


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      Please shed some light on TmsNcc

      I'm also trying to understand the structure of TmsNcc, but it appears as though it was not originally intended to be machine parsed because it's structure does not lend well to doing so. I've been trying and hope to have some success, but right now I can't easily match GUIDs to every entry in the file to understand the call flows.

      Also... the mysql "call" table on the shorewarecdr does not store complete GUIDs. The CallID it stores has a length of 31... GUIDs have 32 and thus the table does not have the correct GUID to match to the entries in TmsNcc.

      Does anyone at Shoretel have anything to share which might help us understand TmsNcc better?


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        OLD Name New Name

        MsgRequestCompletion R-RC
        MsgMakeCallReply R-MC
        MsgPickupCallReply R-PC
        MsgGenerateDigitsComplete R-GDC
        MsgCCCmdReply R-CC

        MsgUACreateEvent U-CE
        MsgUADestroyEvent U-DE
        MsgUAPhoneEvent U-PE
        MsgUATrunkEvent U-TE
        MsgUAIpPhoneInfoEvent U-IPE
        MsgUACallStackSyncEvent U-CSE

        MsgCallCreateEvent C-CE
        MsgCallDestroyEvent C-DE
        MsgCallStateEvent C-SE
        MsgLegCreateEvent L-CE
        MsgLegInfoEvent L-IE
        MsgLegDestroyEvent L-DE
        MsgLegStateEvent L-SE
        MsgCallDigitEvent C-DIE
        MsgCallRelationEvent C-RE
        MsgCallDataEvent C-DAE
        MsgMakeMePartyInfo C-MPIE
        MsgMAECallEvent C-MAE

        MsgIpPhoneRestart G-RSIP
        MsgMediaStatsEvent G-MST

        Key k
        Line Appearance 1 lb1
        Line Appearance 2 lb2
        Line Appearance 3 lb3
        Line Appearance 4 lb4
        Line Appearance 5 lb5
        Line Appearance 6 lb6
        Softkey 1 s1
        Softkey 2 s2
        Softkey 3 s3
        Softkey 4 s4
        Voice Mail vm
        Directory dir
        Transfer xf
        Redial r
        Options op
        Conference cf
        Hold hld
        Intercom int
        Headset head
        Mute mute
        Speaker spkr
        Volume Up vu
        Volume Down vd
        Scroll Up su
        Scroll Down sd
        1 1
        2 2
        3 3
        4 4
        5 5
        6 6
        7 7
        8 8
        9 9
        0 0
        * *
        # #