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  • Local phone number not ringing properly

    This is a really weird one. There is a local, commercial, land line phone number which, when called, doesn't have any audible indication of ringing, but someone always answers the call on the other end. When any of us call the same phone number from our cell phones, the phone number rings normally. I also checked the Trunk Test Tool, and beyond "Offering" for a prolonged period of time, everything seemed to look normal.

    Can anyone think of a reason why a phone number might not ring normally through the phone system, despite being a regular, land line phone number?

    Thanks to anyone who can help! :sorcerer:

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    Phone Numbers

    I have had several instances where our local phone company had to make changes in their switches to fix problems with numbers that didnt ring, or couldn't be called at all.

    I am sure all phone companies are a bit different, but ours has some sort of master list of prefixes that can be called, etc.

    It could be a problem between your carrier and the carrier you are calling.

    For example, We use Birch. Birch could have a problem between their office and Nuvox. Calls from any other carrier to the nuvox number could work fine. Calls from Birch may not. It could have nothing to do with your phone system.

    I would find out who they use for a carrier if possible. Have your carrier make test calls to the number and rule out a carrier to carrier issue. You can also try and find another customer that uses the same carrier you do and make the call from their location. That would rule out your phone system.

    The number you are calling could use Billy Bob's cutrate telco service........................


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      Thanks for the quick reply! We've definitely had problems in the past with our new area code in Alberta (587), and we've had to make accommodations both for this, as well as NXX's (first three digits in the phone number) that are in an area where some are long distance and others aren't.

      Not sure about the "Billy Bob phone service", but if that was the case, wouldn't it exhibit the same behavior, regardless of how you contact them (or where you contact them from)?

      Checking the phone number from another phone line using the same provider is definitely worth checking out - thanks for your assistance. :balloon: