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  • Low vision setup

    We are getting ready to do a non-profit (well endowed) that the ExecDirector has aspecial need.
    She can not see much of anything. The legacy system is a Samsung and lasted for 9+ years. She has memorized the buttons on the 24 button set and can see if the button is red.
    We have done a demo with PCM and she is not able to read it. Status of staff is a big issue.
    Any suggestions of a way to blow up the screen? Any other suggestions as to how to work with this?
    Have not tried to use BB to see is she can see the green.

  • #2
    You could use a magnifier program. XP has one built in, but there are others out there that are better...

    Maybe run it on a second screen, and turn the resolution to 800x600???