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  • User's option to make number private possible?

    Does anyone know of a way (or whether the option even exists) to allow a user the option of making their number private or not? I know that the option exists for me, as the administrator, on that user's profile. I just wanted to know if the user could control that some way through the Call Manager.

    This particular user doesn't want to have his ext private to our internal network (Make Number Private feature) but at times would like to make his number private to some external calls.

    Thanks much in advance!

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    I recommend you make a workgroup and put this user in it. A user can have control over workgroup status via queue monitor in 8 (maybe in earlier versions as well...). I'm not as familiar with hunt groups, but I believe you can busy them out from a phone, which could work as well.


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      It wouldn't be something the user could control, but you could change his outgoing caller ID to a 'generic' number. This would not effect his internal caller ID. Also if you mark his number private it will still send his name internal, just not his number. So whoever he calls would still know it is him.


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        I'm sorry Palitto, I'm not sure if I misunderstood or if I'm not locating the feature. When on the Worgroup Queue as a member of the Workgroup, where would the option be to allow me to make my number private when calling external numbers? Wouldn't it be a supervisor feature but even there, I could not locate that option... hmm.

        Thanks jmccumber. I had suggested the generic number idea but he brought up a valid point that when calling a certain buyer, eventually, they'd associate him with the generic number which would defeat the purpose of the number change. I'm surprised that making the number private completely hides his extension internally as well as external... which I guess is why he wanted to know if it was something that could turn on/off himself. I did notice the name show up while calling, but if the call is missed, it won't show his name or extension on the history nor on the voicemail menu to call back. Ehh... guess he'll have to learn to leave EXTRA detailed messages if he wants a call back.

        Nonetheless, thanks for the ideas though.


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          Sorry, I believe I misunderstood your question. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to accomplish with changing numbers, but I do have an application right now that can change the caller ID to a number randomly chosen from a list. Perhaps this could work as-is or could be modified to give the user control over the number.


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            If you make the generic number a bogus number it wouldn't matter if the buyer called it back. You could also make it a number that routes to a message that says "you have reached so and so, please don't call this number directly".

            That is true about the redial since it doesn't give a name, I didn't think about that.


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              Can't you just dial *67?