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  • Call Manager shows Off hook

    I have a customer that is using the PCM (shoretel 8.1)
    He tells me that sometimes if he is on a call via speakerphone and the call ends, he will still see off hook for that line appearance in call manager. He tells me it will go away if he manually clicks hangup for it.

    I have already had him un-install and re-install the PCM but nothing has changed. I've also had him check CSIS status when it is happening and that looks good.

    Has anyone else run into this or have any ideas to resolve?

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    Call Manager shows Off hook

    We have seen the same issue but with headsets on 8.1. If the external caller hangs up the shoretel phone stays at off hook. This does not happen all the time as sometimes it hangs up and somettimes it doesn't.


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      8.1 Status

      We noticed after our 8.1 upgrade that the DSCP tagging was no longer working properly. This caused our QOS not to prioritze traffic to and from the server, causing some packets to be dropped. This made some pcm functions (contact status, etc) become "inconsistent". We manually added qos for any udp traffic to and from the server and the problems went away immediately.

      Maybe something like this could apply to your site? We never did find out why some traffic was no longer being tagged with DSCP as it was before. There have been several posts here about some tagging "missing" lately. The manual rule seems to work better anyway.