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  • To VXWorks or not to VXWorks

    I need to change the gateway of two of my switches remotely. I have three switches at this location, one of which is a SG30. When I enable telnet and telnet into it, I get a nice simple menu that allows me to view or change my configuration. The other two are 60/12 units, and I get apparently into the VXWorks system, which looks like bad juju. So .. how do I get to the same console in my 60/12's that I do in my SG30? All I need to do is change the default gateway - and the console cable isn't really an option - being some 90 miles from me.

    Any ideas?


    And yes, I did the IPBXCTL -telneton to get into the switch, I'm successfully into the switches - just not the right PLACE in the switches.


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    The SG30 switches are built on the Kilauea VXworks engine (I think) and have the new CLI interface for access the programming interface, same for the SG 50/90 switches.

    This is not the case for the older 40/8, 60/12, and 120/24 switches. Please refer to the maintenance guide for your particular version as this will provide assistance with changing the IP parameters via a telnet session.


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      On the older switches just go to bootChange and I believe you can change the IP from there.


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        Got it ..

        Thanks for the comments - I finigured it out. In fact, I wrote up a batch file and some other stuff:

        cd\program files
        cd shoreline communications
        cd shoreware server
        ipbxctl -telneton

        I named the above telnet201.bat - cuts down on keystrokes.

        Then it asks for a password: ShoreTel

        Enter your telnet command "telnet"

        Then you get:

        login> anonymous
        password> ShoreTel

        VXWorks> bootChange

        It goes through the configuration one line at a time - simply type the changed command next to the existing one (as in, enter through any lines you don't wish to change. When the prompt returns type:

        VXWorks> reboot

        I hope the above doesn't go against any policies regarding passwords etc - I assumed the passwords are freely available - unless of course, you have changed yours from defaults.

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