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  • V Switch Backups - Can they be done on Demand?

    We recently had a SG 50V installed in one of our remote offices. I have the nightly backup setup to FTP all the voicemails, greetings etc to the HQ server and then our Backup Exec setup archives those files nightly.

    My question is this: Is there anyway (via Director or direct telnet to the switch) to make the switch do the FTP backup on demand instead of just waiting until 2:00 when the switch does its nightly maintenance? We still are changing a lot of things in our system and sometimes I would like to do a backup before I make the changes.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm just starting to tinker with a new SG50V as well. I just SSH'd in, and it appears they have FTP available via the command line. Why not just manually ftp to somewhere and upload the contents that you want to keep?


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      Stumbled on an article in the Shoretel KB regarding backing up some stuff of a v-switch, in case this helps at all...

      KB12952 - Backing up the V Switches (90V, 50V) via the backup script.


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        Just wanted to update my original post and let everyone know there is a way to do this. There is in 8.1 at least. I found it on page 88 of the 8.1 maintenance guide. If you establish an SSH session to the V switch, login as root. Then type svccli and <enter> to get into the svc client. Then type backupvm <enter>. This will upload the contents of voicemails, AAs, etc that are stored on the switch to the server you have configured in director for the nightly backups.


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          Thanks for the info. That procedure also works in the 9.1 version.