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  • Using Call Manager how to prevent calls on hold from auto answering

    Using Call Manager, while talking on call 1 a second incomming call is answered and call 1 is placed on hold. Call 2 is blind transfered to an extension and call 1 is automatically present on my phone and no longer on hold.

    How can I force call 1 to stay on hold until I retrieve it?

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    Wondering the same thing....


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      I haven't tried this, but is there possibly a difference between placing the 1st call on hold and THEN answering the 2nd call and performing the transfer, VS. simply answering the 2nd call which automatically places the 1st call on hold?

      I'm just wondering if a manual hold on a call requires a manual un-hold, vs. when you answer a call it auto-holds the 1st call which might then auto-unhold it?


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        What release are you on?


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          I know this thread is rather old, but I am running into the same issue.

          User receives a call, and places it on hold. Attempts to dial another extension to transfer the call. If the employee is not there, and she hangs up to attempt either a page or another extension, the caller on hold is active on her phone.

          Release: 17.10.1730.0