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  • Headset for IP560g Recommendation

    We're looking for a wireless headset solution for our customer service workgroup.

    Here are some of the requirements:
    1 - Wireless
    2 - Compatible with 560g and call manager 7.5
    3 - Ability to answer incoming calls from the queue when away from the desk.
    4 - Mono type ear pieces.
    5 - Docking or recharging station
    6 - Do not want some phone lifting device mechanism.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.

  • #2
    We're using Plantronics CS55 wireless headsets with 560g phones in our work groups. They work very well for us and meet all of your criteria.


    • #3
      Platronics CS55 and CS70N are great headsets.


      • #4
        We use the Plantronics CS55 for the exact same reasons.

        We did have to purchase a Plantronics ring detector (78887-01), to allow our users to hear a beep in the headset when they were away from thier desks.


        • #5
          We received the CS55 headset and I'm very impressed with the sound quality and so forth.

          Now I've set my PCM's Auto Off-Hook to Wireless headset, but everytime I dial out (or incoming calls) the calls are routed to my phone and not my headset. I then need to hit the button on the headset to make the connection.

          According to the PCM help file, I should be able to direct the calls to the headset on the IP560 phones. (we use IP560g)

          Am I missing a setting somewhere?


          • #6
            In addition to making Auto Off Hook preference "Wireless Headset" you also need to enable "Handsfree Mode" on PCM.


            • #7
              Thanks oldphoneguy.

              I've enabled handsfree mode as well and no change.

              Maybe I didn't explain myself very well.
              I assumed that when I dial out/incoming calls using my PCM it would use the headset. But what's happening is the phone is ringing I need to press the button on the headset in order to get this to work.


              • #8

                I can see where it would be nice to have outgoing calls auto fire the headset.... but incoming calls?

                what happens if you dont have your headset on your head? Or walk away for a minute, would you really want the headset to answer the call and have the caller just have dead air?

                We have some similar headsets, I will go see how ours work and let you know.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Jacker View Post
                  ...But what's happening is the phone is ringing I need to press the button on the headset in order to get this to work.
                  That's how it works. Selecting Automatic Off Hook Preference - Wireless allows you to answer the phone by pressing the button on the headset. Handsfree mode disables tone (dialtone and multifreq) thru the headset. You need to press the call control button on the headset to turn it on.

                  Eazeaz... Some call centers use the method Jacker is describing to answer ACD calls automatically as they come out of the queue. The agent hears a zip tone to alert them that they are receiving a call before they are connected. If the agent leaves the desk they have to either log out of the ACD group or go to After Call Work.


                  • #10
                    I have the Voyager 510S system (no lifter) and we were told that this would work (to answer calls with headset button) with an IP560g phone using Shoretel 7.5, but no luck. This is one of the reasons we upgraded to 7.5. I have handsfree mode enabled and selected "wireless headset" as the auto off hook mode. A CS55 headset and base attached to the same phone without making any setting changes works. Are we out of luck?


                    • #11

                      We also use a Plantronics CS55 and have had great results.


                      • #12
                        Sell alot of this for ShoreTel. Cheap!

                        CS55 Wireless Office Headset System


                        • #13
                          I was wondering if anyone has settings that they could share for the setup of a CS55 and a shoretel 560. I tried configuring the headset with the phone and we are able to answer the phone via the call button on the headset but are unable to hear any audio.

                          I tried playing with all the settings, 1,2,3 and 4 it seems that setting 3 on the base allows us to use the call button to answer. I've checked to make sure that the headset isn't on mute and that the volume isn't on low.

                          any help would be great.