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  • A simple fix?

    We have a small insurance agency that needs to have two ring plans. Beings as we have no night button to toggle or way to juggle schedules how can we work around it?
    They want to on early morning or Saturday to be able to have a call ring in. On the legacy system it was simple the NIGHT BUTTON. It changed the ringing locations.
    We have the lines ringing into a WG that has 5 members. Can it be as simple as giving the ability to log in or out of this group? If they are there log in and get a ring. When everyone is gone and logged out it will go to the AA?

    Thanks for your thoughts .

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    Yep, as easy as that. Have them login and out. We give one person in the group with superviosr rights. She can log others in and out, in case someone forgets.


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      Need to add a twist to the above. Now they want to have two work groups. There are 2 people in the new work group. They are members of the original WG as well. All is well and they ring in to the new WG. The new person is a member of both WG's. She can get ringing for the newly created WG, but not for the older WG. Any thoughts?


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        Agents are either logged into all their workgroups or none, you can't log into an individual workgroup.

        The supervisor can also change the call handling mode of the workgroup so in effect manually put a particular workgroup into night mode.