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  • Park on an extension

    We have the need for our supervisors to stay parked on an extension to monitor calls. As it works now when a super is observing a call and the parties hang up the super is disconnected as well. If someone out there knows of a tweek to stay parked on extension I would like to know how you did this.

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    I can think of no way to do this natively in ShoreTel. Silent Monitor works at the call level, not the extension level. It may be fairly trivial to re-initiate the silent monitor via a custom. What should determine whether the supervisor should continue monitoring on new calls?


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      Oyasis, Call Copy or TelRex. Other than that you’re stuck reinitiating the silent monitor on a per call basis. How many agents do you have?


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        We have roughly 50 agents. Our supervisors want the ability to just sit on an extension and listen in on calls that are coming in to monitor calls for quality assurance, training, etc. We had this ability with our Definity system but not with the Shoretel.


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          Any update on this

          This is a feature we used a lot in our prior phone system and the functionality has been lost since moving to ShoreTel. Is there any way to camp on an extension and listen to all calls that come in?