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  • One extension ringing at two separate handsets

    I have two offices at different building locations where I work. I would like for my extension to ring at both handsets so I can receive/make calls from each office. Is this possible and, if so, what is the config?

    Dave Reinhard
    IT Support - Agape International
    [email protected]

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    You have a couple options, but I would recommend a Hunt Group.

    1. Change the DN of your phone to a new DN number that is not being used but still in the range of DNs for phones at your Main site.
    2. Remove your DID from your DN.
    3. Create a hunt group and give it your old DN (the one you just changed).
    4. Give the HG your old DID (the one you just removed).
    5. Set up your primary phone as the backup destination.
    6. Add both of your phones as members.
    7. Set the ring to simultaneous.
    8. Set Call Stack full to your primary phone.
    9. Set the No Answer to your primary phone.


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      Depending on your reason, another option might be this: Whichever site you're at, press Voice Mail, 7, 3, 1. This will reassign your extension to that telephone. Of course, this does not get you simultaneous ringing at both sites, but does get you control of your extension at either site.


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        Why not just create a button that monitors and rings when your main extension rings.