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  • Voice Mail notifications for forwarded messages

    For some of our users and workgroups we have it set up to email them when they get a voicemail.

    However it doesn't appear to work when a voicemail is forwarded to them. We are using 8.1, has anyone else seen this issue? Know of a work around?

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    I have establish more facts in this issue.

    If it is set to only send an email without the voice mail attached it works perfectly fine.

    If it is set to send the voice mail as an attachment then it doesn't work. In the VoiceMail-Date.log file on the ShoreTel server I have an error " Error missing 'to info' in send email" when ever a mail box that is set to email notifications with the voice mail attached receives a forwarded voice mail.


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      Try setting up a smarthost on your ShoreTel HQ to point to your exchange server.


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        Guys, even I'm facing same issue with Shoretel 7.5.

        09:42:24.906 [3744] MS: Put message 3ZB36HS8D in mailbox 5013
        09:42:24.906 [3744] MS: Error missing 'to info' in send email

        Is there any fix for this?
        there is a smart host in IIS settings.