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  • Switch Communication/Cisco VPN

    We are having difficulties getting our switches to communicate completely over a cisco site-site VPN. Through searches both on this forum and via google, I have found this to be a common issue, but have not found any posting on what the solutions are.

    Can anyone provide what they have done to properly router their MGCP traffic through a cisco VPN?

    Our setup:
    HQ Cisco PIX 515E IOS 7.1
    Branch Office: Cisco PIX 501 IOS 6.5

    Currently if we perform an LSP_PING from the branch office, the shoreware director server receives and replies, but the replies never make it back to the branch office. I believe the problem lies within the pix 501, but there are no dropped packets due to policies int he logs.

    I have enabled the following on the pix 501:
    fixup protocol mgcp 2427
    fixup protocol mgcp 2727

    When referring to cisco documentation and using Call Manager, their are additional settings that may need to be applied, such as identifying the call agents and call manager, are these required, and if so how do these translate to Shoreware?

    Thanks all