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  • Multiple Schedule question..


    I need two different schedules during the work week. One that just ring in to the operator and one that goes to AA in case she misses it.

    Schedule: “Normal Business“ Mon-Thu 8-5 and Fri 8-12 = Rings to operator

    This is fine as there is an AA greeting with an On-Hours message if we miss picking it up and an AA greeting for the Off-Hours saying we are closed.
    What I need is a new message for Fri 12:01-5 that is different than the above On and Off-Hours.

    I have created a Schedule named: “No Operator Available” for Fri 12:01-5.
    I also created an AA called “No Operator” that has the message I want to run on Fri 12:01-5.
    This AA “No Operator” has the Schedule “No Operator Available” assigned to it.

    BUT, on Friday at 12:01 it goes to the “Normal Business” Off-Hours greeting and not the “No Operator”.

    I hope I stated this clear enough.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    You need to find the proper balance between the routing and the schedules. It sounds like you need to have your routing like this:

    (All calls->No operator)

    No Operator AA:
    (On hours -> operator)
    (Off hours -> message)

    (No answer -> Unavailable AA)


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      FWIW: My Solution

      Under AA - Custom, I have it going to a "Friday Afternoon" schedule

      "Friday Afternoon" schedule contains every Friday for the year with a Start Time of 12:00:01pm and an End time of 5:00pm

      It seems like a long way around to create 52 Custom Schedules... but it is what worked.