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  • Using a Workgroup across multiple sites?

    We are running 8.1, not using contact center (call center).

    Does anybody know if we will have issues with having agents of a workgroup at different sites?

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    Our work groups are setup across different sites. The main help desk is at our headquarters location and then we have agents at our out lying facilities and it works fine. Just add them into the work group and they will be able to sign in and answer calls.


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      Workgroups and WAN

      As long as your wan is stable (not dropping packets) and you have your QOS right there should be no issues.


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        Thanks for the info. We were also thinking it should be fine, as long as the WAN holds up.

        I was suggesting we create 1 workgroup for both locations with a topdown approach, but the requestor would really like each location to have it's own workgroup with Longest Idle, and from one to roll to the other on "No Answer or Busy". So I guess we're going that direction.

        Thanks again.


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          All workgroups, regardless of DVM/DVS, are stored on the HQ server. With that in mind ShoreTel does not prohibit or limit the use of WGs at other sites. Bandwidth/QOS is you only limiting factor.


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            As long as each call will only ring one agent at a time then it should be alright. If you are using Simultaneous call distribution then you will need to ensure that your Admission Control Bandwidth is set high enough to allow up to 16 calls (the max simultaneous rings) at once to those sites. ShoreTel reserves WAN bandwidth for each ringing call.

            Apart from gettting better control over where the call rings first (which site) there isn't any technical advantage to using two workgroups. If you want to roll over then it might worth looking at the Overflow/Interflow feature which is designed for this type of escalation.