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  • Callers cannot hear???

    We have something strange going on and I'm stumped. Its really random and appears more on certain phones than others. Here's what was logged by our receptionist on Monday:

    10:45 - Incoming call - No one there.
    11:12 - Incoming call -No one there.
    2:26 - Incoming call, transferred to x124 - No one there (call wasn't dropped, just couldn't hear)
    4:00 - Called x166, rang twice and went quiet. x166 called back and wondered if I had hung up. He could hear me but I could not hear him.


    x152 called and no one there
    Incoming call - No one there


    Called outside #, I could hear person but they could not hear me
    Incoming call - No one there.

    Anyone have an idea what the heck is going on?

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    What type of hardware do you have? Switch Model?? We had a remote office with these symptoms and found the switch was experiencing routing issues. After exhausting all resources, I finally called ShoreTel and they remoted in and fixed the problem. It took them approx. 45 minutes.


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      I'm all fixed also. I came in after hours and rebooted all switches & servers and the problems are now gone.


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        The thing to keep in mind is that on a LAN, ShoreTel uses the switches to setup the calls, but the phones actually do all the talking. If you have any routing or bandwidth issues while setting up the actual voice path, you will get exactly this kind of "weirdness"..


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          I've seen this sort of thing happen when the old port 5004 setting was changed but not everything was rebooted.


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            Good call jlear... This could be a Port 5004 "uncheck" issue.. Plumcrazy09, Have you recently changed this setting, or upgraded to 8.x?


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              No. No changes with the exception of restoring the shoredata folder.


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                Originally posted by Plumcrazy09 View Post
                No. No changes with the exception of restoring the shoredata folder.
                Oh right, nothing except that...


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                  Originally posted by jlear View Post
                  Oh right, nothing except that...
                  OK, sorry, I had one change, but not what was asked above. My problem has resurrected once again. I can call internally to any extension and all is fine, then the next extension I call, the person on the other end keeps saying "Hello"..."Hello". I can hear them but they cannot hear me.

                  So, once again, anyone have an idea where to look?


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                    What build are you running?

                    Sounds like a routing/access list problem at first glance.


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                      Shoretel 7.5
                      Build 12.14.4002.0


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                        Have you been able to isolate the problem to calls that are coming in or out of your PRI (if you have one)? The problem doesnt happen on internal to internal calls?

                        If so, I would do the following:
                        1. Check your gateway, ip address, and subnet mast in the T1 switch

                        Upgrade to The current release of 7.5 12.15.8700.0 (I think)

                        If your internal calls are fine, but your external to internal calls are not, that would indicate a One way/assymetric routing problem, or access list issue between the phones and the t1 switch............

                        just a guess though.

                        Are you using 560 phones?


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                          Originally posted by eazeaz View Post
                          What build are you running?

                          Sounds like a routing/access list problem at first glance.

                          To many variables can be causing this issue, Chek the following:
                          1. Netmasks are correct for all LAN ? WAN SEGMENTS used by ShoreTel
                          2. Check all Gateways for all LAN & WAN Segments used by ST
                          3. All Routes are correct
                          4. All phones have correct Netmask and gateway for IP range
                          5. All SG have correct Gateway and Netmask for IP ranges
                          6. All Above are reachable via routes if used
                          7. ICMP Redirect on Network Core TURN OFF IT KILLS VOIP