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  • SG-50 losing communications with Director server

    Good morning all,

    We have a 4 site configuration with the following equipment:
    Director version: 7.5 Release: 12.14.4002.0

    Site 1 - SG-T1, SG-90, SG-90, Director server on vlan2 (Workstations/Servers on vlan1)
    Site 2 - SG-T1, SG-50 on default vlan1
    Site 3 - SG-T1, SG-50 on default vlan1
    Site 4 - SG-T1, SG-50 on default vlan1

    Frequently Site 2 and Site 3's SG-50 hardware will lose communication with the Director server. Pinging the device from the Director server will come back with no response.

    However, I can ping the device from any workstation or server from any of the sites so it's a specific break between Director and the SG-50 box.

    The only way to resolve this issue is to power-cycle the device or if I leave telnet enabled, I can telnet into the box from another site to do a soft reboot.

    Site 1 & 4 equipment has never had this problem so I'm wondering if the hardware is failing or if there is an issue with the Director software.

    Any help on this issue is most appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    What version are you running? I think there is a unknown issue with these SG-50s, because I have had a couple of weird issues with SG-50s.
    First is a multi site customer and one site (SG-50) the phones kept going to no service every half hour. When I installed an 40/08 and assigned the phones to it the problem stopped. The other issue is a single site with 2-50s and a 90 and for some reason one of the 50s won't dial out across a integration with Nortel, but the other switches will. Just started out of the blue.


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      Doh, should have added that:
      Version: 7.5
      Release: 12.14.4002.0