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  • Speaker phone issue: callers can't hear user

    I have a user that keeps stating that every time they use the speaker phone on their 565 the other party complains about not being able to hear the user and forces them to pickup the handset. We have bumped the Tx gains on the PRI a bit but the user continues to experience the issue. Ultimately the user is looking to improve the 565's microphone sensitivity so that called parties can hear them better when using the speaker phone.
    I know Tx and Rx adjustments can be made per phone via a custom config file but not sure if this is the direction to go.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    I have RMA'ed two 565 phones so far with the same issue. I think there was a bad batch of phones at some point in this model.


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      Sounds about the same on some 265's that they have so not sure if it is just bad phones. After some testing we found that the shoretel phones seem to deliver more bass or lower tones to outside callers. This makes the shoretel phone users sound like they are mumbling to say a cell phone caller. Does this sound like anything anyone else has experienced or do we maybe just have an issue with our PRI?