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  • CDR output to a COM Port?

    I am playing with 'Reporting Options' - 'COM port for CDR Output'
    Has anyone set this up before?
    How can one test the set-up?
    If not, than when will it print out? (I set 'Retention Period for CDR Data' to 1 day)

    Thank you for any help.

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    Did you ever come to a resolution on this? I am running up against the same question.


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      We do this quite a bit for integration with Call Loggers.
      You just enable the com port and stuff gets spat out whenever a call ends.
      The format is the same as on the CDR text files.
      CDR Retention doesnt have any effect.
      Plug the Com port on the HQ server into the com port on another PC, fire up hyperterminal with the parameters set to the same on both ends.
      HQ Server will use the com parameters configured in device manager -> Com ports.


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        I did get this working and what ShoreTel_Dave states is what I found the only thing to note is that a cable must be used that flops the transmit and receive pairs for you or you get your traffic running into the wrong port of the terminal on the other end.


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          parse the CDR data

          ShoreTel Dave,

          Where can I find documentation on parsing the data to fields ?



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            Good question Dave, I did most of it by hand by running a number of calls that I knen all of the details of and deducing how they were reported. Some of it relies on tables that I cannot find or are in reality undeclared views. Any details in paticular you are looking for or just general stuff?


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              Look in the appendix of the administration guide. The schema for the CDR files as well as the CDR Database under MySQL are in there.