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  • Workgroup on-hours didn't respond to DST change.

    We are running Shoretel 8.1 with distributed voicemail servers.

    Our HQ is located in Arizona, on Arizona time, which doesn't recognize Daylight Savings Time (DST). Our other locations do recognize DST. After the DST change last week we realized that our Auto Attendant times were off, we decided to switch the HQ to Mountain time to recognize DST, and the Auto Attendants started working correctly.

    We have one location that uses workgroups, Kansas in Central time. The workgroups were working with the auto attendant on-hours before DST. After the DST change the workgroups don't work with the auto attendant on-hours. We talked to Shoretel and they said the workgroups are controlled by the HQ and use it's hours. So we created a new on-hours using the HQ time, just moved the on-hours back 1 hour, from 7am to 6am. The workgroups still don't work at the correct time, we actually have to move the times back 2 hours to 5am, even though the difference between Kansas and HQ is 1 hour. Any thoughts?

    Also, we have checked the servers and they all have the DST patch, we have checked the servers in Director and they are all set to the correct time zone.

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    I had a similar issue with DST in a site that is 8.1. At my site the phones displayed the in correct time. The Director server off set properly however the
    phones did not get this update. I monitored a phone to watch the NTP update and seen the correct time being sent to my phone however the displayed was still an hour off. I changed the time zone in the site then changed it back and all times sync properly. I assume this was some issue with the build shoretel tech assured me it should not happen again he seemed to think it was just a glitch in this particular site. I had no problems in any other customers sites.

    I know this doesn't answer your question but just letting you know others seen this as well.


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      According to Shoretel, we have the system configured correctly. The default AA message for a site is based on that DVMs time, and workgroup on-hours is based on the HQ. But, I still question why it broke.

      Okay, so the AA works on the local DVM time. Why was it off when the DVM had the right time? All Shoretel servers had the MS DST patch installed in December, and restarted then and a couple weeks ago.

      Also, now the Workgroup on-hours is based off the HQ server. However, maybe it was a fluke, I know they were working correctly before the change, because they used the AA on-hour time.


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        Just curious but where is the workgroups mailbox located? HQ or DVM? Am on 7.5 and have found that if the mailbox is located on HQ server then different time zones are not taken into account. By moving the mailbox of the workgroup to a DVM in the correct time zone then all schedules apply as expected without having to offset for the difference. Strange...


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          Currently, our Workgroup mailbox is on the HQ.

          We've had some problems with the Workgroup agents, and I beleive a Shoretel tech moved or told us to move and leave the mailbox on HQ.

          This is something we can try by moving the mailbox to the local DVM.