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  • Shoretel 8.1 issue

    Has anyone had an issue to where when customers call in, it rings to them for awhile and then goes to a greeting that say something to the effect "we are having a heavy call volume, please call back later"?

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    Your call is going to voice mail, but voice mail cannot handle it for some reason. Without more background information, I would say it is one of:

    1. Your switch cannot communicate with the server in some way. Check the quick look page for connectivity.

    2. You used remote desktop to remote into the server and forgot to set the audio to "Leave at remote computer". Reboot the VM server and don't do that again.


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      Remote Desktop into Server

      On that note, and i am really not trying to hijaak this thread, but here goes. How long does it take for shoretel to pull their heads out of "you know where" and have a programmer fix the remote desktop issue? Have the installer disable remote audio redirection somehow........

      I mean seriously......... shouldn't this be a priority? Could you imagine if forgetting to uncheck a box before connecting to your cisco router via SSH caused it to shut down? Forgetting to uncheck a box before opening your web broswer caused your computer to require a reboot?


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        There is a registry key you can import to fix the RDP issue... It is referenced by both ShoreTel in TechNote 10007 and Microsoft KB Article 928046.