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  • Personal Call Manager loosing settings in Citrix Enviroment

    Occasionally in our Citrix enviroment, our users loose their setting for PCM. Meaning when they come in in the morning, they are prompted with the PCM wizard.

    Has anyone seen this? We believe it has to do with us updating the Citrix server with patches, flash player updates, new software etc.. We are unable to pin it down.. Basically, the reg key that holds the settings is getting wiped out.


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    We experience this issue too. We push out the reg key with the server name in it, however, our users get prompted to enter their username and passwords.

    Normally we see it after rebuilding a Citrix server, or introducing a new server to the farm. We have contacted support about it and submitted an enhancement request on our behalf.


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      It may be related to the shadow registry, I've had similar issues on a Windows Terminal Server.


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        We get this every once in a while on our terminal server too.