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  • # messages from director

    Is there a way to see the # messages someone has in their vm box from the director. If not is there anyway to see the # of messages someone has?

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    Nothing from Director yet, but here are 2 other ways:

    We developed a web application so a user can enter an extension and
    it displays the number of voicemails for that extension. We do
    automated weekly email reports to each user on their voicemail

    Go to:
    \\<server>\shoreline data\VMS\Shoretel\

    Each extension has its own folder. Message information is contained
    in the mailbox.dat file. We do a text search for the word "Voice".
    The number of times the word "Voice" appears is the number of
    voicemail messages for that voicemail box.

    Contact me directly for more detail.

    Ray Matter
    Clasuen Miller P.C.
    From the ShoreTel server, navigate to the

    C:\>cd c:\prog*\shor*\*ver

    C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Server>cfg
    Open system *Local*
    /*Local*//-> openm 8002
    Open mailbox 8002
    /*Local*/8002/-> lmbox

    You should see the listing at the bottom showing what voicemails the preson has. Don’t forget to close the mail box with the command closem <mbox #>

    Hope that helps,
    Ryland Marshall