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  • SureTrunks & ShoreTel Business Continuity

    Connect With Us
    (866) 384-3747

    Enabling Native SIP Ingenuity
    for ShoreTel Customers
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    SureTrunk Disaster Recovery
    Making Good Business Sense with Business Continuity. . .
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    Dear ShoreTel Forums Community,

    As a certified ShoreTel Technology Partner solution ShoreTel - EtherSpeak Communications
    EtherSpeak's SureTrunk for ShoreTel service is guaranteed to change your way of
    thinking about when to enable your ShoreTel solution with SIP trunking. Not only
    is SureTrunk for ShoreTel a great way to save up-to thousands on your monthly phone
    bill, but it also provides an effective way to keep your ShoreTel connected to the
    outside world. A ShoreTel enabled with SureTrunk is empowered - working for you
    and your customers when the unexpected outage, or worse, disaster strikes your phone
    lines - and your business.
    Working hand-in-hand with your authorized ShoreTel partner, we want you to make
    the most out of your ShoreTel investment by making best use of native SIP trunks
    with your ShoreTel solution. Native SIP Trunks, or SureTrunks, are a ShoreTel
    certified way to enable a cost-effective phone line access (or PSTN) alternative
    - before the inevitable outage, problem or worse-case scenario happens. Best of
    all, with SureTrunk DR there is no capital expense, huge piece-of-mind for subscribers
    - and it is easy to setup - which is usually completed within 2-hours.
    If a telephone line problem connected to your ShoreTel would cause your business
    to suffer, then consider adding SureTrunk DR and enabling your ShoreTel solution
    with cost-effective business continuity. Nothing to buy, no salesman will visit
    - none of that! SureTrunk DR for ShoreTel customers is now only a phone call away.
    Call (866) 384-3747 today and ask how SureTrunk DR for ShoreTel can help you make
    "Good Business Sense with Business Continuity."
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    Disaster Recovery Made Easy

    When disaster strikes, it's certainly nothing to be taken lightly. Whether it's
    natural or man-made, it spells trouble and, worse case scenario, could even mean
    the end of the line for your business.
    But ShoreTel customers can take comfort in knowing a simple low-cost solution called
    SureTrunk DR can help ensure disaster preparedness by providing backup phone lines
    via the Internet over your existing Internet connection.
    And because SureTrunk connects your ShoreTel natively to backup phone lines via
    the Internet with ShoreTel, it's also a risk-free, low-cost solution. In fact, with
    SureTrunk DR your satisfaction is guaranteed - or your money back.
    One satisfied customer states "with SureTrunk DR, I have a way to route my calls
    if one or all my phone lines go down. Whether inbound, outbound, whatever I may
    need - it is a good value and great piece of mind."
    Another customer states "SureTrunk DR was a good way for us to experience SIP with
    our ShoreTel - to put our "toe in the water." Well, we were so satisfied with SureTrunk,
    we eliminated our expensive PRI circuits with Busrting SureTrunks and are now saving
    over 40% per month over the same period since last year."
    Ready to learn more? Click here []SureTrunk by EtherSpeak.

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    Don't Guzzle, SIP Instead

    INTRODUCING BURSTATRUNK. . . SureTrunk by EtherSpeak

    Isn't VoIP supposed to save you money?
    Migrating to IP was always
    meant to result in significant cost savings, right? But how can VoIP customers
    realize any cost savings at all if they have to keep oversubscribing to phone lines?

    Well, imagine if you have the flexibility to pay only for what you use. Plus, if
    there was ever a spike in call volume, you would have the capacity to handle it.
    Best of all, it all comes neatly packaged into an easy-to-use, risk-free solution
    that's great for disaster recovery. It's called SureTrunk BurstaTrunk and it's worth
    checking out. Click here []SureTrunk by EtherSpeak.
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    Contact us today to discover the power of SIP! SureTrunk for ShoreTel is an ideal
    solution for cost-effective disaster recovery. Contact us today at (866) 384-3747
    or via email at [email protected] to schedule a brief presentation, demonstration
    and a discussion.

    Neil Darling
    EtherSpeak Communications, Inc.
    (866) Ether-IP / (866) 384-3747
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    As low as $40 per month

    The SureTrunk Disaster Recovery Package
    The SureTrunk Disaster Recovery package is a pre-packaged bundle of telephony services
    built to help ShoreTel customers ensure business continuity. When enabled, this
    service can re-route inbound calls to a pre-configured local telephone number over
    your Internet connection, or outbound calls over to reliable SIP /SureTrunks if
    POTS/PRI goes down in the event of an phone line outage. The package includes:

    * Two (2) SIP trunk lines (minimum) - fully
    integrated into customer's premise-based ShoreTel platform
    * One (1) local phone number - for remote call
    forwarding of inbound volume
    * A bundle unlimited local and a 100 minutes of long distance
    in the continental U.S. and Canada
    intra-state/interstate long distance billed at 2.9 cents per

    Speak with an Authorized SureTrunk for ShoreTel partner today! Call us at (866)
    Ether-IP / option 2.
    Please note that SureTrunk service requires connectivity through the Internet or
    private data network. Any service affecting outage which included limited Internet
    access may impact SureTrunk outbound access at that customer site. In that event,
    SureTrunk has optional RedundaTrunk service that provides for primary, secondary
    and tertiary site failover for inbound calls only. Please contact our pre-sales
    engineering team to discuss your objectives for implementing SureTrunk service.
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