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  • Insufficient Bandwidth at site

    We are getting the following error and I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue. Here is the error:

    Version: 12.15.8200.0
    Type: Warning
    Date: 3/4/2009 1:46:28 PM
    Source: ShoreWare
    Category: (1) Switch
    Event ID: 1341

    Switch SoftSwitch Shoretel: Call could not be completed due to insufficient network bandwidth at site.

    To give a little background we have 1 HQ server and 1 DVM server. We are now at 100 sites. Two weeks ago we weren't having this issue. We were at 24 sites until two months ago. Is this an issue with QoS in the network? The Admission Control Bandwidth? Or something else?

    Our HQ site has an Admission Control Bandwidth of 1024
    Or DiffServ/Tos bit is set at 136
    Intra-Site calls - Linear (128)
    Inter-site calls - G.729a
    Fax and Modem - G.711
    Intersite Jitter Buffer - 150ms

    Where else should I look to diagnose this issue? It's happening at the main site and sporadically at 6 other sites but not all 100 sites.

    My issue with this lies in the difficulty in pinpointing the exact cause. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

    Andy Clelland

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    What kind of connection do you actually have coming into the main HQ building from all the sub sites?

    If you have admission control set for the headquarters at 1024, i would imagine that you are really running out of bandwidth. Traffic is limited 10 1mbit coming into the ENTIRE HQ site....

    1024/100 sites is 10k per site if they are all active....

    Do you have any large sites with a lot of people that you could put a DVM at and get rid of some of the traffic?

    do you have a large enough pipe coming into your HQ to increase the admission control to something larger? If you had a 10Meg MPLS connection then your admission control should match.


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      Valid point. We actually have a full DS3 coming in. I'll adjust the setting accordingly and report back the outcome.


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        admission control

        with a full DS3, bump your admission control to 10,000

        the problem will go away


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          I set it to exactly that and the problem did go away. Thanks for your quick reply


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            I get the same errors in my event log. They only people who are complaining is shoretel VPN concentrator users. They are getting drop calls, reorder tone, busy signals, disconnects my settings are as follow.
            Admission Control Bandwidth: 1024
            Intra-Site Calls: high bandwidth codecs
            Inter-Site Calls:intersite
            FAX and Modem Calls: fax codecs- lowbandwidth


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              bumping my admission controls to 2048 seems to help out a lot. :-)


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                To clarify the OPs problem:

                This message ONLY ever appears when the in-use bandwidth exceeds the ACB (Admission Control Bandwidth) setting. It is a sheerly logical setting; i.e., the ShoreTel system has no way of determining actual available bandwidth, and relies on that setting to tell it how much bandwidth exists.

                This allows administrators to define how much of their total available bandwidth is used for VoIP over each link with a single setting. Calls will be attempted if another valid path to the destination exists via LCR, even if bandwidth is exceeded. For example, if you're dialing a Florida number from Texas (presuming you have a site and trunks in Florida that would make the local call), but your link to Florida is at or in excess of the ACB, and you have trunks in Texas, then the system will dial the long distance call to Florida from the Texas trunks.