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  • Transferring conference calls

    I have a user who's the secretary of our CEO. On our old system, she would call multiple parties and establish a conference call. Once the conference call is established, she would transfer it to the CEO's extension. That method doesn't seem to be an option on the ShoreTel system. The Transfer button on Call Manager is greyed out, and the Transfer hard key on the IP 230 doesn't give you the ability either. The way around this is for the secretary to get all parties on the conference call (including the CEO), then hang up. That seems like a feasible alternative, but the secretary is an old dog who has a hard time learning new tricks. I thought I'd check to see if anyone else has ran into this and if they had another solution to transfer conference calls. Thanks.


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    Get a smarter seceratary......

    calling all parties and hanging up is as easy as it gets.

    shoretel really got conference setup right......