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  • 8.1 PCM - Voicemail windows is getting frozen and other problems…

    Hello all,

    Great forum -a lot of useful information – I wonder if you can help me - we just installed new Shoretel system (13.24.2507 revision) and having problems with workgroup agent PCM application. Basically PCM hangs on Voicemail tub and you have to kill it thru task manager – you can browse and go to all tubs/windows (history, queue monitor, directory, contacts) except Voicemail. As soon as you go to Vocicemail windows – PCM stops responding. At the beginning all agents PCM were working fine. But when it happened on first agent computer - my dealer recommended me to reinstall PCM including .NET 2.0 and deleting registry and programs file folder. It’s been done – but didn’t help – I ended up reimaging agent computer and thougth it was single glitch
    Now the same problem happened with another PC (different hardware) – so I am trying to find the problem – reimaging agent station is not solution

    OS: windows XP Pro sp3, outlook 2003 standard sp3

    Another problem which so far they can not figure out solution for is for 3 out of 6 hunt groups mailboxes - the greeting is disappearing every night. Recorded mailbox names stay – but greetings are gone. Anybody experienced the same problem?

    I believe they setup those mailboxes as route point if what I am saying make sense :-) (my admin training scheduled in 2 weeks)

    thank you for your help