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  • Call Manager Client History Delete upon Reception or Initiation

    Does anyone know how to write a program for this. I know inforamtion is stored in MYSQL and at the client profile level.

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    The history is stored locally as and not in the MySQL database on the server. It is either a text file (PCM 2 - ShoreTel 7.x and below) or an XML file (PCM 3 - ShoreTel 8.0 and higher). Even if it was, you can't access the MySQL database on the ShoreWare Server remotely by default. If you did configure remote access, it would be a HUGE security risk to grant access from every client PC in the environment for a remote script to execute.

    Since the local history is stored in a standard location, you could write an AD login script to clear the history when the user logs into their Windows desktop. You can use environment variables to do something like:

    del %appdata%\ShoreWare Client\%username%\history.*

    This assumes the username for the client is the same as the AD username. If the ShoreTel GUID login name is not the same as the Windows log in name, you will need to use a different method to locate the history file in the ...\ShoreWare Client\user folder.

    If you are looking to clear CDR data, you would be better off setting the retention period for CDR data in the Report Options page within Director to 1 day.

    - Bob