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  • Site based paging

    This may be an extremely silly question, but is there an easy way to set it up to page all phones in a given site? Currently when you page it hits every office, and we would love the ability to do it per office when needed. I saw that I could make extension lists, but then that's something else that needs to be kept up to date which wont happen.

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    I don't think you can page by site per say. We have created paging groups by site, but you have to remember to go in and add users to the paging group when you create them. Not very convenient, but I have gotten good about creating users and then remembering to add them to the extension list and the paging list!


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      Paging is something that you have to be careful with (Bandwidth etc). Expect ST9 or maybe ST10 to deal with issue.


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        Which issue? The bandwidth issue or paging by site?


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          I would expect that they don't make it easy to page large groups (by site) due to the bandwidth concerns.

          If they were to "fix"/redesign the way paging streams to save bandwidth, then there would be no reason to try and discourage paging by sites, etc.

          When they fix one, it will probably fix the other.

          Maybe they can finally fix the Music on Hold problems as well? I am tired of having MOH sources at every site to maintain.


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            Shoretel Professional Services has written a multi-site paging application that distributes paging.

            Your Shoretel partner can give you pricing information on the solution.


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              We use the Paging Groups and associate them to an Extension List. Yes, it is something you have to maintain but it works.


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                We have 5 sites with Shoretel and never had any luck with using the paging groups because of how often people were moved or shuffled around. We went with an overhead paging solution. It can be expensive, especially if you have more than one floor, but its a much better solution than the paging groups.