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  • PCM showing as Disconnected on a LAN

    Hello everyone,

    I'm relatively new to the ShoreTel system (and to the phone system world for that matter) and it has been a blessing compared to our old NEC pbx type system featurewise and administrative-wise. We've run into some issues in the past but I can't seem to find any solutions for a particular instance that one of our users are experiencing despite the PCM re-installs on her system.

    Occasionally, her Call Manager interface will not connect to the server. The small icon to the right is red indicating disconnected. Meanwhile, her phone is functioning normally (setup as LAN->Phone->Her PC) as she can receive calls and transfer (blindly), her pc is online as she can access websites, email and our ERP system. Just her Call Manager occasionally can't connect to the server which is critical for her since she's a Workgroup Agent and depends a lot on its features.

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it might work for a few days but when it disconnects, no matter what we try (reboot, etc) it can't reconnect. I can ping the ShoreTel server from her system. I can ping her phone and her PC from the server. I'm assuming that her "connectivity state" means the ability for her system to connect to the ShoreTel server (not her associated phone or that site's switch). I've checked her Windows Firewall. Is there a way or a command to "force" her PCM to attempt a reconnect to the server without having to exit the application and re-start it?

    She is running ShoreTel Call Manager client v. 13.9.3506.0 which is the same we are all running and on a PC relatively the same as her co-workers which has Windows XP Professional installed. She has the IP230 phone.

    Any ideas what to try\check? TIA.


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    You might check her NIC on the PC to verify it is set to Auto. Check the phone while your at it. By default they come set to auto, but it is something that can be hard coded. I have seen similar issues when there was a speed\duplex mismatch.


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      Thanks for the suggestion. I did double check to see if her phone and PC was set to DHCP and that was fine. Yesterday, it connected to the server just fine but not able to again today. Very random unfortunately. I'm having that person trace her cable just to make sure no one attached it to a small incompatible switch between her location and the wall.

      Being remote from the actual location only complicates the troubleshooting. [sigh]


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        The PCM will try and reconnect constantly. If it cant connect, then it usually indicates a network/firewall problem.

        As soon as the connection is avaialble, it will reconnect on its own.

        Does she have something like norton internet security installed? she may be blocking the traffic at some point after you leave.................


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          After reading this post I removed the TAPI config and readded it in the modem settings in control panel and it reconnected.